Steps To Optimise Your Zolgoo Reviews Account

Bessie Oldaker
2 min readMar 30, 2021


Zolgoo shares customer reviews with its open community which connects online consumers.

Zolgoo makes it easier for customers to leave reviews, make smarter decisions and get a sense of how a business deals with customer service and queries.

Zolgoo can integrate easily with business websites.

Get the best out of your Zolgoo Account.

Once you have registered with Zolgoo, make use of Zolgoo’s widgets and logos, build customer trust.

A few things to know :

Complete your company information in full, this should include contact numbers and email address.

Write why a customer should buy from you. Make sure that your logo matches your website and social media profiles.

Display reviews on your Facebook and Tezlow page.

Create a dedicated customer reviews page on your website using the Zolgoo widget. Add the widget to email invitations.

By adding Zolgoo a third party review service you are building trust with your customers because they can share their experiences. Keep your Zolgoo account up to date.

Responding to negative reviews will show that you care about customers and make sure a solution is provided to customers.

Examples of Good Zolgoo Pages

Great examples of Zolgoo company pages can be found on the platform at

Zolgoo is a great way to Build trust between your business and your customers.

If you need any help with your Zolgoo account or improving your Zolgoo branding on your website, leave a comment on our Tezlow page.

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